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Saturday School

"Starting this year, we will employ a holistic approach to academics, a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). Our goal is to close the learning gap created by COVID and remote learning to ensure that our students are better equipped and college ready. At the beginning of the year, we administered various diagnostic assessments, including NWEA, IXL, SIPPS, and DIBELS, to pinpoint students' ELA, Reading, and Math levels. This approach will allow us to provide our students with targeted interventions. We implement a small group approach through various tools: SIPPS for reading intervention in grades K-5, IXL for ELA intervention in grades 6-11, and IXL for math intervention in grades K-12. Monthly progress reports will be shared with parents starting in November. "

Dr. Pehlivan, MMSA District Director of Teaching and Learning 

As educators at MMSA, we aim to close this gap by providing additional academic support to our students. Our Saturday School initiative in conjunction with the Concept Schools Young Scholars (CYSP) program through our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) efforts to help our students both in SEL and academics.
All students in grades 3-11 may join our Saturday School program for academic support.
Saturday school dates are below:
November 12-19
December 3-17
January 7-21-28
February 4-11-25
March 4-18-25
April 15-22-29
May 6-13-20
An RSVP for each Saturday school sesssion would be very helpful for attendance, class arrangements, and headcount for lunch.
Saturday School